Companies Cyber Risks Insurance


Ransomware, theft of personal data, viral attack… Today, you are increasingly dependent on your information system. Any alteration of your data or unavailability of your computer system, even limited in time, generates significant financial losses, up to millions of euros.



Cyber insurance: optimizing your defense against cyberattacks

Complete your property damage and civil liability insurance

Many contractors feel they are adequately protected by their property damage insurance and civil liability contract. Error! Although very comprehensive, your property damage and liability insurance does not allow you to deal with the intangible damage caused by a cyberattack.

In order to limit the impact of a cyber attack on your business, we are implementing custom-made cyber insurance that will take into account the insurance contracts already in place and your level of exposure. Your company will be able to deal serenely with the consequences of a cyber attack: loss of operations, production stoppage, notification costs, crisis communication costs…